Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Five Days of Rest

We are so thankful to be home.

HUGE THANKS to God for finding us a web programmer. His name is Joaquin (you may have remembered him as he helped us before) and he has agreed to shoulder many new responsibilities for us. Would you pray for him to stay on task as he wades through a long to-do list for the website?

Highlights of our 10 day speaking trip include hearing students remind us of things we taught them last year (nice to know some things stuck with them), walking the emerald green hills during a break, Jonalyn feeling cold symptoms vanish after one good night's rest, soon enough to keep up our energy (thank you for praying for endurance!) and some very unique questions and answer sessions in classrooms. We can tell you prayed for us to have creativity as we got some new questions we had to navigate.

One of the best things about Steamboat is that our friends know when we have been gone and they welcome us back when we return. We love that.

Would you pray for us this week and weekend? We are flying to Dallas, TX Friday and will be gone through Tuesday. Jonalyn is sick with the cold that returned with a vengeance (must have been that 17 hour drive home on Saturday) and has kept her in bed trying to recover. We ask for her body to be completely recovered before we board our flight Friday morning.

We'll be speaking to youth (teens to 29 year olds) this weekend. We both need sensitivity to the wide range of ages and boldness as we'll be doing some gender break-out sessions with guys and girls as well as a main session and a Q and A time. Would you pray that this weekend many young people would find new tools and boldness to share their faith?

Monday we'll be meeting with a possible director of development for Soulation. Please pray for our time with him, that we would know if this is a lead we need to follow-up on.

From a land where the snow has fallen in feet in the last few days!
Dale and Jonalyn
p.s. our home is still on the market, no bites. Please pray for us to continue to feel peaceful as we wait.

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