Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Radio and Dallas Answers

Radio update- the interview went great. We love being on radio! As of now we don't have access to the recording, but we're trying to get it so we can post on our website and you can hear it. Our interviewer was excited about us and Soulation. She was young and asked us perfectly accessible questions that we took and ran with. We didn't interrupt each other (YAY!) and felt clear (I, Jonalyn, only had one brainfreeze that I don't think anyone noticed).

I'd say we weren't quite as whimsical as we could have been, but it's hard to pack it all into 15 minutes. After the interview, the host said she'd love to connect again. That is very good for us and for Soulation. Thank you for praying!

Dallas update:
Sometimes it can be hard to know if and how you've made an impact, but this last weekend in Dallas was not one of those times. Two ways we gauge how effectively we've communicated Jesus:
1- How many want to know more and come sign up or talk more with us afterward
2- How many write to us after the event is done and over with.

Both happened in Dallas and are happening now. We're still answering emails from eager teens and young adults. Our hosts wrote us afterward and told us "You really met a need in the discipleship of our young adults that has been hit or miss for some time. Thanks for your willingness to listen and be present for the teens and young adults."

And our time with the potential director of development was amazing. He has volunteered his time to help us brainstorm new ways to ask for funding. We are encouraged to know he wants to join our team, even though we do not have the funds to pay him right now.

Our prayer for these next two weeks is that God would bring us a buyer for our home in Steamboat so we can begin our retreat center plans in earnest. Would you focus your prayer with us on this request?

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