Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walking in Memphis

We are in Memphis Tennessee this week, speaking together Monday night and Tuesday for a luncheon and a dinner.

As we're arrived safe and sound, we wanted to send you a few prayer requests
  1. We hope to recuperate our rest tonight so we are geared up to speak together Monday evening for a Q and A with the church's leadership team.
  2. Jonalyn speaks twice on Tuesday. She asks for you to pray that the Spirit give her words of truth with love. She will be presenting on the freedom for women to discover their calling (i.e. their personalized body and souls' calling in the kingdom). There will be non-believers attending, so she asks for wisdom to both introduce Jesus to those who do not follow him as well as refresh the believers ideas of what Jesus means to their womanhood.
  3. We fly home Wednesday, please pray for our safety.
Our house was seen, but no word, yet. We await God's work in our lives in any way he sees fit. This week, we want to be fully present in Memphis.

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