Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Malibu Answers, Writing and Ohio

We're home from Malibu and I (Jonalyn) am so excited to share with you some amazing things God did.

First, God answered your prayers about helping me strike a chord with the women and open up a new way of thinking. My books sold out, the women were eager to listen and apply the talks and small group time and I was delighted by their feedback. At the end of the retreat when they specifically thanked me and prayed for me, I was in tears. It was a very meaningful time.

At the end of the retreat we enjoyed a time of corporate prayer and women thanked God specifically for things we had discussed and I had shared that weekend. Things like, "God thank you for giving me a way to see the ugliness inside of me" , "Thank you for freedom from guilt and shame", "Thank you for giving me a way back home" all themes in the talks. When I heard the women owning the idea that Jesus can help them, and wanting to walk more boldly into Jesus' arms for help.... I felt I just had to tell you how much God helped us all. It's weekends like this that make me love this work. THANK YOU for praying for me.... I sensed the Spirit's help this weekend.

And Dale had a very productive, good time, too. He got through round 2 of edits and even found time to connect with friends. Even after a long weekend of working, our time was amazingly refreshing!

This week we begin the next stage of editing together. We've been through the manuscript 2 times. We hope to do another 2 in the next 2 weeks. Given that we also fly to Ohio for several speaking events (Friday-Monday), we're hoping to be very diligent in the next 3 days and then next week before our May 30th deadline.

Would you pray for us?
  • to sleep well so we can awake refreshed each morning
  • to trust one another to make the book better
  • to trust God to be able to give us the words to connect with our audience.
  • as we write new talks for this weekend that we'll be given fresh ideas and organization
Thank you for helping us do this work!

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