Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving Into the Wild

Two nights ago I (Jonalyn) met a porcupine, a HUGE one on our land. It was about the size of a 40 inch TV, but much pokey-er and heftily raising it's quills. Our corgi, Lucy, helped me see him, but thankfully, she did not get too close to the hind quarters. The encounter makes both Dale and I very glad she is obedient when we called her sharply to "COME!". Afterwards, I felt all jittery about moving out of town into the great wild.

So I for your prayers for me as we make this move. Though that cabin is lovely, comfortable and very suited to our tastes, we're still "out there." And I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea of porcupines meeting our dogs nor the idea of bears and mountain lions prowling about. God give me strength for this new adventure.

Dale has "changed lanes" so to speak into a more committed endeavor to simplify his life and focus on writing regularly. Would you pray for him to build the discipline and long-endurance to put his thoughts into blogs, essays and book ideas?

We have been moving slowly and spending lots of time reading and writing. This feels blessed to us, we want to enjoy the leisure to develop more thoughts without the distraction of book deadlines or speaking engagements.

And, of course, our home continues to sit on the market. We await God's plans. Meanwhile, we also await the county assessor's office to grant us agricultural status on our land that we move to. If we find favor in their eyes, we will have more funds to build the land. Would you pray for Routt County's favor?

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