Sunday, June 28, 2009

Soulation Retreat around the corner!

Only three more days till our first Soulation retreat. Much has been prepared, much more still to do. Nine are descending our our mountain town refreshing their souls with conversation, the outdoors, and friendship. Our anticipation is high.

Heave upon this excitement and preparation our book project. Our editor sent us back our book to be edited and sharpened once again. This time, Jonalyn and I are doing it together, paragraph by paragraph. Each day we've spent about 4 hours to do 15 pages. It's slow, but very helpful work. The book is shaping up nicely. But couple that schedule and new deadline with the retreat and we've got very full plates.

We ask for patience as we work together. Working on a book so closely can frustrate us both, but we keep remembering the special opportunity to put our ideas into writing so better the world. We also ask for endurance as we carve out time this next week, giving all our guests our presence while also using our free time to edit, edit, edit. We will be exhausted come next Sunday, but rewarded. We also pray for an overflow of thanksgiving for our opportunities and the abilities to do seize them.

Our on the land, the forest consultants are working up our agricultural plan. All needed steps as we walk forward toward our plans for the retreat center.

I am continuing therapy... you can pray that the insights and honesty continue to flow. I'm in the middle of Scott Peck's book, "The Road Less Traveled." I'm stunned nobody has recommended this book to me before. It's a keeper, deeply resonant, and one you'd serve your own spiritual growth well by picking up (how's that for a plug in a prayer blog!)...

We look forward to sharing a good report for next week!

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