Friday, July 10, 2009

The Soulation Retreat

Our Soulation retreat finished up last Sunday and it went incredibly, beautifully well. Dale and I felt so affirmed by how our guests bonded, contributed, helped and loved. We feel like retreats are in our future as Soulation and look forward to see how God will give us the space to make them happen.

To see a cool slide show one photographer attendee put together watch here. Through her eyes you will get a taste of our land and the fun people who came out! They breathed courage and joy into us, even though we felt slightly stressed with our book deadline and our move.


I (Jonalyn) have finished my final proof read of our book: Coffee Shop Conversations. Dale is doing his final read through and we are VERY VERY grateful to be near the end.

Would you pray for him to

  • notice the things I missed as he sharpens up this final draft
  • enjoy the final read through even as he has other things clamoring for his attention
  • creativity

We are finishing up our time with guests. This week Joseph, a friend from our travels, has flown out to help us with trail-making. He is working hard and Dale asks for some time to enjoy working and hanging out with him. So far, I (Jonalyn) am so impressed by how much Dale can do. He is amazing! :)

Thank you for making a tangible difference in our lives with your prayers!

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C. said...

what a beautiful landscape and cabin for a retreat, took my breath away!