Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preparing for Another Trip

Good afternoon!

Dale and I have some lovely news. We're thanking God for
  1. A couple who is very interested in our home in town. They've looked at it 3 times and we're moving toward an offer in the next few days. Please pray that as we begin appraisals and negotiations that we'd be able to sell our house in town without compromising funds we need to start the retreat center. We ask God for wisdom as we move forward.
  2. A fantastic meeting with the county planning committee. This was our initial meeting and we began to clarify what we need to do to make this retreat a reality.
  3. A surveyor/road builder who found out that we are "doing good just to do good" as he put it, has offered his services at his non-profit discount, 40% off. We're thrilled we'll be able to build some key roads for much less than we had anticipated.
We ask prayer for
  1. our upcoming trip. We'll be speaking for the Salvation Army Young Adult Retreat. Hundreds of 18-35 year olds will be attending and we'll be organizing the schedule and our talks in the next few days. We ask for clarity in speaking and developing talks that will allow these young adults to see the freedom Jesus offers.
  2. traveling mercies as we fly to Oregon and Dallas and food is always a bit of an issue as Jonalyn is very dependent on eating regularly and sometimes this can be tricky in terminals and airplane food courts. We ask for some good, healthy food to keep us going!
Thank you,
Jonalyn and Dale

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hopeful News

Our time in New Hampshire surprised us with the way God uses us when we feel most needy and weak. Dale and I connected so swiftly with the high school students, noticing how many were hungry to know what God valued in them. One student told Dale after a talk, "You didn't tell us how we're awful and sinful like so many speakers do. Thank you for showing us why we're valuable." We've been enjoying connecting with them over email the last few weeks.

Perhaps the most unexpected part of our time in New Hampshire was the invitation our friends (who serve as president of the school we spoke at) extended to us to speak again, all last minute like, for the young adult Sunday School class. We were in town for an extra few days to enjoy time with our friends, so we threw together a talk using stories from our lives we have not, to date, shared publicly.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. We've been in contact with several of these people as well. We only wished we had recorded it, but know we'll be doing talks like this (covering spiritual abuse and how God's love sets us free) again and again.

These next few weeks we're home and enjoying summer turning to fall. We need your prayer for
  1. preparing for three talks for the Salvation Army's Young Adult (13-35) Retreat in Dallas
  2. our house in town is showing right now and since the market has been so slow, we pray that these people who love it and want to buy it!
  3. rest and strength as our baby grows and Jonalyn is starting to really notice :) We want to leave for our next trip with full health.
  4. Thankfulness that God met us in New Hampshire!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Hampshire Speaking

We're back on the road again, this time for a return trip to a Spiritual Retreat in New Hampshire. This week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Dale and I will speak six times to a group of 50 high schoolers, to kick of their spiritual lives for the school year.

This is our second time speaking to this group, some of the seniors remembered our talks from four years ago. Their coming up to us, within the first few hours of our arrival and reminding us of what they had still remembered and continued practicing encouraged us to pour our energy into these next few days with them.

Dale speaks once more tonight on the power and uniqueness of Jesus in healing the paralyzed man. Tomorrow morning I speak on God and brokeness. Then Dale and I speak Thursday evening, Friday morning and Friday evening. If you would be willing to commit time to praying for one of these events, we will be greater emboldened and strengthened.

Specifically we'd like prayer for
  1. Jonalyn's health as she is 4 months pregnant now... (baby Fincher due Feb 25, 2010--HOORAY!) and feeling some residue nausea from her first trimester. Pray for her strength and memory to communicate the important ideas tomorrow morning.
  2. Dale to have courage to speak boldly as this event is a very conservative audience and he wants to stay focused on speaking Jesus' freedom and showing the teens that God cares about their questions.
We have a very busy fall coming up and with expecting a little one and learning to continue relying of Jesus to give us strength, we know we need to remember Jesus' power surrounds us.

Thank you for your prayers!