Monday, October 26, 2009

Answered Prayer

We had our evening with the teens last night. We were so grateful that David, the youth pastor, allowed us to speak at a well-organized and well attended event. Parents sat in the back and the questions the teens asked were honest, eye-opening and universal. These are the questions, the adult-like questions, that we hear all over the country.

Jonalyn felt a little weak at first and her head felt muddy, but Dale said her presentation was excellent. Nice to know it came through. We stayed for an extra hour afterward to talk with teens individually, so far our strength is holding up.

Though it's been less than 12 hours later, we've already received emails and facebook requests to connect and go further into answering questions with them. Thought you'd enjoy some pictures.

Today at noon we speak to the staff about homosexuality. Please pray for us to work well as a team, to listen and speak with humility about what we've learned.

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