Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can you believe it?

Wonderful news to report:

  1. We entered contract on our house in town this Monday. HOORAY!! This housing deal involves a condo swap as well. We're now working through loan documents and waiting to hear what the banks word will be. Please pray for us as we shift around our finances and begin to prepare for the future retreat. We need favor in the eyes of the bank (as does the buyer).
  2. Salvation Army time was just amazing. We had one of the most profitable Question and Answer sessions (hopefully we will get the recording mounted and online soon) that went over 1 1/2 hours. The audience was very engaged for our talks and we're still in contact with them online. Would you pray for the broken people we spoke with, that they will follow Jesus into places of spiritual and emotional health? We have some pictures of our time at our facebook fan page:
  3. Jonalyn received several more blog comments on a blog she wrote about Buddhism. The commenter is somewhat aggressive and accusatory. Would you pray for her to find additional help to answer these technical Buddhist questions (read more here)? She also needs courage to not give up under the many other tasks at hand.
  4. Next week Jonalyn will be filmed for a DVD Women's Bible Study curriculuum (published through Zondervan). The filming team will work all day next Wednesday on location at our cabin in Steamboat Springs. We're thrilled our cabin and Jonalyn will be a part of this, but the coordinating, not to mentioned being "on" all day will involve lots of preparation. Please pray for Jonalyn to be herself when on camera and wisdom as she outlines her material.
  5. Dale recently posted a wildly popular blog on the meaning of church (read more here) He has been moderating many comments and needs the time to post another entry. Please pray for him to find the time to continue writing this important series.
The work continues, even though we're home we feel busy and glad it's gorgeous outside. We love taking breaks and breathing all this fresh, crisp air!

Happy Fall,
Dale and Jonalyn

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