Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DVD Answers

Today was Jonalyn's video shoot and it went incredibly well! We've included a few photos so you can see her on set. The director was very impressed with delivery and poise. She was totally relaxed and actually really enjoyed the process. The coordinator for the process was in tears after Jonalyn finished her first story. Everyone just loved her style and material.

God is good!

It will be so neat to be able to have this curriculum on Rebekah and Mary Magdalene available for women more easily.

Thank you so much for praying, she felt carried through the process and like she was able to deliver her best. It was an amazing experience.

Also, the day was just GORGEOUS, so they were able to do some shots of her walking through the woods and some amazing views from the land. Great for promoting the retreat down the road :)

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