Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Few Requests

  1. So far so good on selling our home! Thank you for praying, we still await the bank and getting the loans.
  2. We've seen Salvation Army people coming to more healing this week. Amazing correspondences with them online. Thank you for praying!
  3. Jonalyn responded to the Buddhist monk and feels very good about the time and energy she put into her words.
  4. Jonalyn is all geared up for her film shoot tomorrow. What with the caterer and make-up artist and film crew there is enough to get her all nervous. Would you pray she would be relaxed as she works with the team tomorrow? She'll be shooting from 8am -5pm
  5. Dale's blog continues as he found time to write an excellent post. He continues to receive great feedback. Please pray for him to begin work on his next book project.
We are putting in our first major road in the White Woods and this is a significant chunk of cash for us in this tight time. We will soon need donors to help us develop this land, so we pray in expectation of who God will bring to us to help us shoulder the cost of the retreat center. Would you pray that God would begin grooming those who will financially support us?

We ask for continued good health as we work at home these next few weeks. Jonalyn's belly is GROWING and we're thankful her health has been good and the baby is completely healthy, too.

God is good and we sense his protection this fall!
Dale and Jonalyn

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