Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Mountain and Then a Valley

Have you ever noticed how after a mountain the valley is quickly beyond it? After a tremendous time in Dallas, better than we've encountered at any church event in terms of participation, enthusiasm and feedback, we've slid down into a valley. Dallas gave us time to meet with teens (read more at the previous blog), staff and women (hear Jonalyn on the Sexuality Panel) who were engaged, excited and thankful for the ideas we shared. They made us feel so grateful that we are running Soulation and doing this work.

But we don't feel so tip-top right now.

It probably began when we missed our flight due to plugging in another airport's address. After a 4am rising time for standby, we are still catching up on sleep. Jonalyn is beginning to feel the drain of having a more cumbersome body to move around. And we hit the ground running when we arrived back in Steamboat because our house in town is officially being sold. Escrow closes this Thursday. This makes us enormously grateful, too, though the packing feels like a lot right now.

Would you pray for....

  1. A few weeks ago, Dale went to the dermatologist to have a small growth removed from his eyebrow. He thought it would be routine, since a similar one was removed last year. This year, the doctor was more cautious and sent a biopsy to the lab. The results returned that it was a form of skin cancer. For now all is fine in that it has not spread, but this Tuesday, Nov 3, Dale will go in for a MOHS surgical procedure to remove any remnants of the skin cancer. This procedure is as cosmetically non-invasive as possible, while still removing the entire cancer. He can use your prayer that not only will all the cancer be removed, but that his anxiety (with medical procedures) will be minimized.
  2. We have to pack up our in town house by Thursday. Would you pray for us to find capable, quality conscious movers to help us?
  3. We've faced a series of difficult encounters on a personal front, the details we cannot share. It has discouraged us at our core. Would you pray that we would experience God's peace and pleasure in us these next few days?
  4. Jonalyn has been bombarded with Buddhist comments on her blog (read the post "Jesus Outshines Buddha") and has finally decided to set some ground rules for the discussion. Would you pray for the Buddhists who have attacked or misunderstood Jesus in these posts? We see how they need Jesus' love and greater humility, but we feel inadequate to know how to communicate it. We want to let the Holy Spirit take over and rest in his power.
We're thankful to have you praying for us... it's been hard even getting to the computer to write out this prayer request. We're glad we finally did it, as we feel the need for prayer this week!

Thank you for holding us up,
Jonalyn and Dale

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