Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick Requests from the Road

We have more good news
  1. The sale of our house in town looks more and more possible. We expect an offer soon (our realtor has been amazing getting this sale to move forward!) and we ask that God would allow the many details of these early negotiations to be ironed out. There are many ways the sale could disintegrate. We're also asking God to put up a road block for us if this sale is not going to be a good move for us as we plan to build the retreat center.
  2. We woke up at 4:45am this morning to catch a flight with 3 legs to get us to Dallas in time for our first talk this evening with the Salvation Army. Our talks are all printed and ready, we're reviewing them. We ask specifically for prayer Saturday evening when we spend 1 hour at open mics fielding questions from these young adults (ages 18-35) ask any question. This Q & A times can be enormously useful IF the audience feels free to ask their heart questions. Would you pray for them to have boldness to ask and for us to have sensitivity as we answer?
  3. We also speak Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning. We'd value your prayers during any of these times as we're always presenting new material!
From our Salt Lake City layover,
Dale and Jonalyn

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cleireac said...

I'm afraid we may not be able to see you this weekend. We're preparing for a series of meetings next week. Eunice sends her best as well. We know you guys will do great this weekend!

Capt. Hank