Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Trip to Dallas

We are approaching a busy month of November's travels, which we kick off with a three day PACKED trip to Dallas.

We ask for your prayers specifically...
  1. That we'd be able to connect with Irving Bible Church culture swiftly as we'll be speaking to the youth, staff and women.
  2. That we have wisdom to answer difficult and often considered "too personal" questions on Christianity and sexuality. We're also leading a staff discussion on homosexuality. We ask for humility and gentleness.
  3. Protection from the H1N1 flu especially as Jonalyn's pregnancy makes her more vulnerable
  4. Jonalyn will be on a panel (pic from last year's panel she participated in) along with a theologian and a sex expert to discuss sexuality for the women's Bible study both this coming Monday evening and Tuesday morning. As she will have already spoken twice that weekend and will be near the end of our Dallas stay, would you pray for her to have energy and succinct and fresh ways to share the holism of sexual experience and clearly explain why God cares about sex?
In other news: We are so grateful to report that some key road building has been happening in these precious weeks before the snow comes. Our land is beginning to take the shape to dream up where future Soulation retreat cabins will go. Thank you for praying for us to have favor with capable workers in town, several of which have given us a non-profit discount. HOORAY!

Would you pray that we'd also have favor in the eyes of the county planning commission?

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