Monday, November 30, 2009

Carlsbad and Vail

This week we're thankful to share that Jonalyn has finally got a diagnosis on her cold. She's actually been suffering from a sinus infection and now has all the meds she needs to get better. She's already feeling a lot more energy and back to herself, which is good because . . .

She and Dale travel to San Diego this Tuesday and then Vail on Friday and then back to San Diego the following Tuesday, all for overnight speaking trips for women's Christmas events.

Would you pray for Jonalyn to have sufficient energy to speak with a clear mind as her day begins at 4 am tomorrow and she speaks late tomorrow evening after a full day of travel? Her message is entitled "Mary and Minute Rice" and she hopes to inspire the women to resting and walking humbly with Jesus this Christmas season.

Friday, she will be speaking for an outreach event entitled "When Love is a Person" again a Christmas event. She's glad Dale is along to help her on both these trips, as it's harder to move these days. So far our baby boy is doing very well, he's just growing a lot! :)

Would you also pray for those who will receive this Christmas' Soulation Seasonal? We’ve written out most of the content and are very pleased with the result.

We are asking God for more financial donors to join Soulation this year. If we received $15,000 this year we'd both feel encouraged that Soulation is growing (but we hope and can use much more). Would you petition him to move the hearts of those who believe in Soulation to give this year?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bethel Report and this Week's Work

Bethel was a delight, the students came out in droves to support us at optional events, their questions were honest, intensively interesting and kept us thankful for each other to back us each up. You may enjoy reading their comments at our facebook fan page. One email stood out that we want to share with you

Thank you so much for sharing at Bethel this week! After hearing you at Vespers, I was just praying that the Lord would teach me to model 1 Peter 3:15 like you two do by being prepared to give answers with gentleness and respect. Wow. And I loved to see your beautiful partnership. We can read all the relationship books in the world and never learn half as much as we did just by seeing you two love and honor each other. You're like a living metaphor!

Thank you so much for praying for this trip!

Jonalyn's health is stronger, though she still is fighting the last vestiges of her cold.

This week our main task is writing out a Fledge and a Seasonal for Christmas. Many of you will also be receiving a hard copy of the latter. This will be our most important seasonal this year as far as the future of Soulation is concerned. We need to communicate our need for financial backers if Soulation's free resources and work is to continue. As we combine and synthesize so many events into stories of our time on the road, as we try to adequately explain what we do, we ask for your prayers.

We need clarity to explain our work, a good memory to recall the stories we know others want to hear and the diligence to write, write, write.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Off to Indiana!

We're speaking at Bethel College (see our map) this week on soul-growth, relationships, and gender.  Two chapels, a leadership lunch discussion, two gender sessions, and an evening Q&A.  We're eager for this opportunity to speak to the student body (about 1000) and feel ready with some fresh ideas.

Jonalyn is feeling fatigued.  She's been fighting the sniffles and the antibiotics aren't working their magic.  She feels tired going into this full week, carrying her pregnancy well, but needing some energy and health.

Today, Dale had his stitches removed from surgery last week. The doctor is very pleased with the healing.  He'll be writing more reflections on his surgery on his blog... coming soon.  He's feeling pretty tip-top.

Thanks for praying for us; we can sense it.  We anticipate a great week with the students and look forward to sharing the report!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dale's Surgery News

I have wonderful news to share about Dale’s surgery. It went INCREDIBLY well. The doctor got all the cancer on the first surgery and he was super cool and helpful the whole time. Dale never went into anxiety or shock. We were amazed and feel enormously thankful for your prayers. This was an overall very very good experience, which is good as Dale will probably have more of these in the future. The good news: all the cancer is gone. God is so good!

Now we're in the recovery stage as we get ready for our next week of talks at Bethel College in Indiana. Would you pray for Dale's full recovery?

We also ask for insight and fresh ideas as we write up talks for the college students next week.
Thank you!
Jonalyn and Dale

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

Tomorrow Dale and I will spend the day at the skin doctor's office for his out-patient surgery. As Dale often suffers from anxiety attacks at doctor's offices would you pray for him to sense God's peace and comfort.

We also ask that all the cancerous cells would be removed.

We look forward to this day being a time God shows himself near to us.

Thank you for praying!