Monday, November 30, 2009

Carlsbad and Vail

This week we're thankful to share that Jonalyn has finally got a diagnosis on her cold. She's actually been suffering from a sinus infection and now has all the meds she needs to get better. She's already feeling a lot more energy and back to herself, which is good because . . .

She and Dale travel to San Diego this Tuesday and then Vail on Friday and then back to San Diego the following Tuesday, all for overnight speaking trips for women's Christmas events.

Would you pray for Jonalyn to have sufficient energy to speak with a clear mind as her day begins at 4 am tomorrow and she speaks late tomorrow evening after a full day of travel? Her message is entitled "Mary and Minute Rice" and she hopes to inspire the women to resting and walking humbly with Jesus this Christmas season.

Friday, she will be speaking for an outreach event entitled "When Love is a Person" again a Christmas event. She's glad Dale is along to help her on both these trips, as it's harder to move these days. So far our baby boy is doing very well, he's just growing a lot! :)

Would you also pray for those who will receive this Christmas' Soulation Seasonal? We’ve written out most of the content and are very pleased with the result.

We are asking God for more financial donors to join Soulation this year. If we received $15,000 this year we'd both feel encouraged that Soulation is growing (but we hope and can use much more). Would you petition him to move the hearts of those who believe in Soulation to give this year?

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