Monday, November 16, 2009

Off to Indiana!

We're speaking at Bethel College (see our map) this week on soul-growth, relationships, and gender.  Two chapels, a leadership lunch discussion, two gender sessions, and an evening Q&A.  We're eager for this opportunity to speak to the student body (about 1000) and feel ready with some fresh ideas.

Jonalyn is feeling fatigued.  She's been fighting the sniffles and the antibiotics aren't working their magic.  She feels tired going into this full week, carrying her pregnancy well, but needing some energy and health.

Today, Dale had his stitches removed from surgery last week. The doctor is very pleased with the healing.  He'll be writing more reflections on his surgery on his blog... coming soon.  He's feeling pretty tip-top.

Thanks for praying for us; we can sense it.  We anticipate a great week with the students and look forward to sharing the report!

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