Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It is so good to be home, again, for a full two weeks. HOORAY!

We've both found inspiration to work on writing, new blogs this last week, new book ideas. We want to ask you to thank God for a wonderful last week of travels, too.

Jonalyn's talks both in San Diego and Vail went wonderfully well, even with a few kerfuffles in travel, she finished strong. One woman wrote Jonalyn today. We wanted you to see some of her words to know how God answered our prayers:

I was blessed to be in the audience at _______ Women's Dessert. You have the amazing gift of encouragement and inspiration. Your message touched my heart in more ways than you know. I have been a stressed out, burned out social worker for the last few months. How I needed to hear your words!

In addition, my husband and I have also been struggling to have a child for several years. I dont think it was an accident to not only hear your wonderful insights, but to hear them while you are glowing with a baby! It was a reminder to me...to HAVE FAITH and to "walk humbly with my GOD!"

A million thank yous.

This week we ask your prayers for:
  1. Jonalyn's agent to work through her recent book proposal on women's friendships and that the process of finding a publisher for her next book would go swiftly. Jonalyn wants to work on this book in the next few months before the baby arrives, but it all depends on the book finding a good home with a publisher.
  2. Dale to be given a clear vision for his next book. He asks for an excellent memory and the cheerleaders to continue to come along side for this next project.
Thank you!

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