Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three Cheers and Strong Voices

We finished Coffee Shop Conversations. The proof is in the pudding: today Zondervan's audio editor flies into Steamboat for Dale and I to record the entire manuscript this week. So no more changes allowed!. As it's snowing (9 inches and counting) would you pray for him to arrive safely?

Thank you for praying for us to finish. We saw God answer our prayers in three specific ways
  1. We were able to correct many more mistakes given that the rushed situation required an electronic version (and the not the paper version where we have to hand write any corrections). So several chapters ended up much stronger!
  2. Our friends who came to vacation for a week were enormously understanding of our need to finish these edits, so we were able to finish on time.
  3. Dale and I worked very very well as a team, we had wonderful communication and few meltdowns. At 8 months pregnant and all the other distractions, we see God's protection in this.
This week would you pray for us to have strong vocal cords, endurance and no ambient noise interruptions? We are recording out at our cabin.

Jonalyn's pregnancy continues to go very well. She's glad the baby is still sitting high which means snow shoeing and walking is no problem. Come next week we begin nesting in earnest!

Jonalyn's proposal for Walking in Her Shoes is being looked by a few publishers this week. One of the publishers she especially wants to work with has been asking additional questions. Would you pray that God would coordinate the best partnership to allow her next book to be published?

Thank you for praying for us so faithfully!
Jonalyn and Dale

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Missouri Amazement and Manuscripts

We're so happy to tell you that Missouri went very very well and that our baby is still "cooking." No unexpected complications and Jonalyn's strength held up beautifully, even for the 8 hour speaking day on Friday.

Here are some pictures of us with the team of women who brought us out. You can also see us on stage during our talk on Men and Women. We received many enthusiastic comments from Woodcrest Chapel participants on our Soulation fan page. But we wanted to include one here:

Thank you so much for joining us! The time we spent with you both was intriguing, engaging and enlightening. While I enjoyed all three days, my husband came for Saturday and said it was the fastest two hours ever. It left him wanting more. I tossed him your books.

We had participants join us for Ask Live! last night and are continuing to be thankful that we could make this last trip. Thank you for your prayers.

This week's requests
  1. We've seen God answer prayers for wisdom with our manuscript for Coffee Shop Conversations. After Dale put in 14 hours editing, Jonalyn picked up the manuscript and found enough problems that we needed to request an entirely new edit and with an in-house editor. These means Dale's 14 hours had to be scrapped as we go back to a July version of the manuscript. The last edit was done with someone out of house and altered way too much of our material. Requesting a new copy edit took a lot of boldness on our parts, in the past we'd usually just plow through and take too much on our shoulders, but this time, we asked for the editing to be redone. Our editor has agreed, accepting full responsibility for fixing some mistakes. She will be doing an incredibly quick re-editing this week. Her name is Becky and we know her work in these last stages is pivotal for ironing out the distracting grammar, punctuation and redundancies. Would you pray for her to have calmness and balance (many of her projects have had to be put on hold to make our manuscript right this week) so that next week we can tackle this final edit.
  2. Come Monday we'll have Coffee Shop Conversations back in our hands for the final time. We'll have one week to finish it before we have to record it for an audio version of the book. This task, combined with juggling some fun company coming next week means we need incredible focus to work well on this manuscript. Would you pray for swiftness of mind, good communication between each other for this final push and God's grace to meet these deadlines?
  3. Jonalyn is excited to share that her next book, Walking in Her Shoes is currently out among publishers looking for a home. She finished her proposal for this next book on women this last Monday. You can see a video of what it will be about here. She asks for prayers that Walking in Her Shoes would find a good home, an editor that believes in the need for women to strengthen their female friendships.
And on the home front, the baby continues to grow healthy and strong. Please pray for Jonalyn to have patience with her more cumbersome body and to take time to rest when she needs it! Here she is at 33 weeks on a snowshoe we took this week.

We are grateful for you!
Dale and Jonalyn

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekly Prayer Request - Writing, Travel, Thankfulness

With Christmas over the New Year begun we're glad to share with you some answered prayers.

After sending our Christmas Seasonal out, we have seen new partners offer to help Soulation. They have left us hopeful that if we continue to let people know our needs God will bring us provision. While we could not take full advantage of the matching grant, we were grateful those who did sacrifice this year to continue Soulation's work.

This Thursday- Sunday we will be in Columbus, Missouri speaking for a leadership training event on the value of women in the church, Jonalyn's final speaking trip before her maternity leave. This church heard of Jonalyn's Book, Ruby Slippers, and is asking her to speak upwards of 5 hours about the value and uniqueness of women. They want to open up their congregation to women speaking more regularly as partners with men. Jonalyn has a final doctor's appointment tomorrow to ensure travel is wise at this time 33 weeks into her pregnancy. We ask that there be no complications, that the travel days on Thursday and Sunday are completely uneventful and that her pregnancy runs full term at home in Steamboat. Jonalyn also asks for strength to winsomely share the content in her book. We speak over 8 hours in 3 days, so we both need energy!

Manuscript - Our book, Coffee Shop Conversations, has been sent to us for the final reading before each page is formally laid out for printing. We need the eyes to see how it can be better. Once it leaves our hands this time, it will be printed and out in the world. We want it to be as good as it can be. We have a week after we get back from Missouri to finish it up. Sometimes we think it's great, other times we know we have to clean it up some more. Dale has been working on it every day for the last 3 days. He's off to a coffee shop again today to finish up his edits. Jonalyn will begin to edit when we get back from Missouri.

Grateful for your prayers this week!
Jonalyn and Dale