Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three Cheers and Strong Voices

We finished Coffee Shop Conversations. The proof is in the pudding: today Zondervan's audio editor flies into Steamboat for Dale and I to record the entire manuscript this week. So no more changes allowed!. As it's snowing (9 inches and counting) would you pray for him to arrive safely?

Thank you for praying for us to finish. We saw God answer our prayers in three specific ways
  1. We were able to correct many more mistakes given that the rushed situation required an electronic version (and the not the paper version where we have to hand write any corrections). So several chapters ended up much stronger!
  2. Our friends who came to vacation for a week were enormously understanding of our need to finish these edits, so we were able to finish on time.
  3. Dale and I worked very very well as a team, we had wonderful communication and few meltdowns. At 8 months pregnant and all the other distractions, we see God's protection in this.
This week would you pray for us to have strong vocal cords, endurance and no ambient noise interruptions? We are recording out at our cabin.

Jonalyn's pregnancy continues to go very well. She's glad the baby is still sitting high which means snow shoeing and walking is no problem. Come next week we begin nesting in earnest!

Jonalyn's proposal for Walking in Her Shoes is being looked by a few publishers this week. One of the publishers she especially wants to work with has been asking additional questions. Would you pray that God would coordinate the best partnership to allow her next book to be published?

Thank you for praying for us so faithfully!
Jonalyn and Dale

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