Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekly Prayer Request - Writing, Travel, Thankfulness

With Christmas over the New Year begun we're glad to share with you some answered prayers.

After sending our Christmas Seasonal out, we have seen new partners offer to help Soulation. They have left us hopeful that if we continue to let people know our needs God will bring us provision. While we could not take full advantage of the matching grant, we were grateful those who did sacrifice this year to continue Soulation's work.

This Thursday- Sunday we will be in Columbus, Missouri speaking for a leadership training event on the value of women in the church, Jonalyn's final speaking trip before her maternity leave. This church heard of Jonalyn's Book, Ruby Slippers, and is asking her to speak upwards of 5 hours about the value and uniqueness of women. They want to open up their congregation to women speaking more regularly as partners with men. Jonalyn has a final doctor's appointment tomorrow to ensure travel is wise at this time 33 weeks into her pregnancy. We ask that there be no complications, that the travel days on Thursday and Sunday are completely uneventful and that her pregnancy runs full term at home in Steamboat. Jonalyn also asks for strength to winsomely share the content in her book. We speak over 8 hours in 3 days, so we both need energy!

Manuscript - Our book, Coffee Shop Conversations, has been sent to us for the final reading before each page is formally laid out for printing. We need the eyes to see how it can be better. Once it leaves our hands this time, it will be printed and out in the world. We want it to be as good as it can be. We have a week after we get back from Missouri to finish it up. Sometimes we think it's great, other times we know we have to clean it up some more. Dale has been working on it every day for the last 3 days. He's off to a coffee shop again today to finish up his edits. Jonalyn will begin to edit when we get back from Missouri.

Grateful for your prayers this week!
Jonalyn and Dale

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