Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Coming and Library Requests

Today is Jonalyn's due date, but so far no baby arrival. We feel grateful that we're not anxious, just very curious.

Please join us in praying that Jonalyn would be able to deliver without having to induce labor with something like pitocin.

We also came across something rather disheartening today that we'd like your prayer on as concerns our small mountain community. About 2 years ago we both donated our books to our local library. We've also made it a practice to routinely donate good theological and Christian books so that our local library would be outfitted for those who have further questions about Christianity. So far, we just assumed they'd put many of these books on their shelves.

But, today Jonalyn did a search into the library database, more out of curiosity than anything and found that neither of our books can be found. This means that the library either lost them or decided against stocking their shelves with them. Or maybe something else happened.

This concerns us, especially with the overwhelming amount of spirituality books our library does own that leave Christianity out or caricature Jesus. Jonalyn put a call into the Library's director--a woman named Chris and left a message asking for clarity.

We ask that the Holy Spirit would work to begin to help this relationship with the library grow into something where they see the value of good Christianity literature. We want to help those at our local library see the need and if there is any prejudice against Christians that we could offer a reason to put that prejudice to rest.'

Would you pray for Jonalyn's talk with Chris?

Would you also pray that our local library would become aware of the need to stock good Christian books on their shelves?

We believe so much of our work to help people love Jesus begins with changing our minds--which often begins with a good book.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unexpected Answers

We're sorry to say that the audio was never recovered, however, Biola has expressed interest in our coming out in the Spring, so we can present to the students LIVE. This may prove to be the best option, but it was still hard to lose our work! Thank you for praying.

This week we feel grateful for the time to nest for Birdie's arrival. We did some firsts this week, got our car seat and bought diapers for the first time. You can see how Lady Victoria awaits the baby's arrival, so patiently :)

Birdie is expected Feb 25th, but he may come any time in the next 3 weeks. Jonalyn is feeling much more cumbersome, though she's not in any regular pain. Walking, snowshoeing and yoga have kept her in good shape (pic is of her at 37 weeks). We are asking God for a rewarding labor experience. Ideally we'd like to have the baby without interventions, without a C-section delivery and with Jonalyn and baby in full health. We shall see what God has in store for us.

Dale has had some severe lower back pain due to a fall into an icy pond last week (read about his mishap here). He's gotten some good chiropractic help (as of yesterday) and asks for his back and pelvis to full heal so he can be fully physically present during Jonalyn's labor.

Dale also asks for wisdom as he works out the format for his next book. He has lots of brainstorming documents and ideas, but needs a clear structure of how to best put these thoughts together.

Hopefully, next time we write we'll have some baby news!

The Finchers

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Missing Audio

I was so excited to write an update to you today to share how glowingly our video recording went last week.

We were able to get the entire talk done swiftly and with clarity. We even enjoyed the process. We kept checking all our equipment to make sure it was working properly and sighed with relief when we got the talk finished and could Fed Ex it off to our video editor in Los Angeles.

But, today, we heard back from our video editor that 1/2 the audio (the last half) did not come through. We're utterly frustrated. This is precisely why we think we shouldn't be doing videos like this, we're just not professionals and too many things can go wrong.

We're going to try to find the audio on our backed up copy at home, but the chances are slim that there's audio there. Overall, we feel tempted to scrap the whole project, I don't think we have the resources to recreate the entire talk at this point in Jonalyn's pregnancy and our creative energies.

Would you pray that God will help us find the missing audio?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Video Day

Dale and I have one last presentation to give, this one to a camcorder. This video will be edited and shown to Biola University for their kick-off chapel for The Coalition of Social Action, held Feb 22nd, way too close to our due date for Jonalyn to travel.

We could use your prayer today as video-taping requires we both play script-writers, set-designers, camera and lighting crew and directors is very, very difficult. It would be wonderful to be able to hire a crew to do the video-taping, but that's out of the budget at the moment.

So we ask for
  1. incredible creativity to film and present in a way that doesn't in the end look cheesy and unprofessional
  2. willingness to hear each others' ideas as we brainstorm points and filming ideas
  3. speed to finish this project this morning
  4. clear-headedness to remember our points with the camera staring us in the face
  5. Love to cover our interaction with each other

In other news, our audio recording went beautifully! Our book is recorded and we had a wonderful time with Brad. It was a lot easier recording together and tag-teaming the amount of reading.

So far no more news on Jonalyn's book proposal which is just as well, though hard to wait, since we have our hands full with other things at the moment!

Baby news: the baby may be coming sooner than his due date, something we're praying for as the closer we get to Feb 25th the bigger he'll be. He's around 6 lbs 10 oz right now, so he's strong enough to meet this world. We are praying that he would arrive sometime next week.

Yours in this work,
Jonalyn and Dale