Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Coming and Library Requests

Today is Jonalyn's due date, but so far no baby arrival. We feel grateful that we're not anxious, just very curious.

Please join us in praying that Jonalyn would be able to deliver without having to induce labor with something like pitocin.

We also came across something rather disheartening today that we'd like your prayer on as concerns our small mountain community. About 2 years ago we both donated our books to our local library. We've also made it a practice to routinely donate good theological and Christian books so that our local library would be outfitted for those who have further questions about Christianity. So far, we just assumed they'd put many of these books on their shelves.

But, today Jonalyn did a search into the library database, more out of curiosity than anything and found that neither of our books can be found. This means that the library either lost them or decided against stocking their shelves with them. Or maybe something else happened.

This concerns us, especially with the overwhelming amount of spirituality books our library does own that leave Christianity out or caricature Jesus. Jonalyn put a call into the Library's director--a woman named Chris and left a message asking for clarity.

We ask that the Holy Spirit would work to begin to help this relationship with the library grow into something where they see the value of good Christianity literature. We want to help those at our local library see the need and if there is any prejudice against Christians that we could offer a reason to put that prejudice to rest.'

Would you pray for Jonalyn's talk with Chris?

Would you also pray that our local library would become aware of the need to stock good Christian books on their shelves?

We believe so much of our work to help people love Jesus begins with changing our minds--which often begins with a good book.


Josh & Anna said...

Thank you both for all of your work for the Kingdom. I read "Ruby Slippers" and am re-reading it. I cannot tell you how much the words echo my own hearts cry. I feel as though I've found a real kindred spirit in Jonalyn, though I've never met her.

I'll be praying for the upcoming arrival of your little one! How exciting!!

I also love your idea about donating books to your local library. I will be doing the same with some college theology books, etc. I will be praying for a good outcome with the chat with Chris.

Thanks for all you do! You are rare jewels in my book!


Jennifer said...

FYI, every year the libraries in our county put on a book sale. And, I'm telling you, there are thousands of books there. One day I asked the librarian where all the books come from! Prepare yourself! She told me they were books that had been donated to the library!!!

I was in shock. I vowed I would never donate a book if that was the case. Maybe your library doesn't do this, but it may be a question worth asking.

God bless with the delivery. I'll be praying for you.