Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Missing Audio

I was so excited to write an update to you today to share how glowingly our video recording went last week.

We were able to get the entire talk done swiftly and with clarity. We even enjoyed the process. We kept checking all our equipment to make sure it was working properly and sighed with relief when we got the talk finished and could Fed Ex it off to our video editor in Los Angeles.

But, today, we heard back from our video editor that 1/2 the audio (the last half) did not come through. We're utterly frustrated. This is precisely why we think we shouldn't be doing videos like this, we're just not professionals and too many things can go wrong.

We're going to try to find the audio on our backed up copy at home, but the chances are slim that there's audio there. Overall, we feel tempted to scrap the whole project, I don't think we have the resources to recreate the entire talk at this point in Jonalyn's pregnancy and our creative energies.

Would you pray that God will help us find the missing audio?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear that! Who knows? Maybe this will be such a blessing to people that Satan is really fighting it.

Will be praying that the audio can be recovered.