Thursday, February 4, 2010

Video Day

Dale and I have one last presentation to give, this one to a camcorder. This video will be edited and shown to Biola University for their kick-off chapel for The Coalition of Social Action, held Feb 22nd, way too close to our due date for Jonalyn to travel.

We could use your prayer today as video-taping requires we both play script-writers, set-designers, camera and lighting crew and directors is very, very difficult. It would be wonderful to be able to hire a crew to do the video-taping, but that's out of the budget at the moment.

So we ask for
  1. incredible creativity to film and present in a way that doesn't in the end look cheesy and unprofessional
  2. willingness to hear each others' ideas as we brainstorm points and filming ideas
  3. speed to finish this project this morning
  4. clear-headedness to remember our points with the camera staring us in the face
  5. Love to cover our interaction with each other

In other news, our audio recording went beautifully! Our book is recorded and we had a wonderful time with Brad. It was a lot easier recording together and tag-teaming the amount of reading.

So far no more news on Jonalyn's book proposal which is just as well, though hard to wait, since we have our hands full with other things at the moment!

Baby news: the baby may be coming sooner than his due date, something we're praying for as the closer we get to Feb 25th the bigger he'll be. He's around 6 lbs 10 oz right now, so he's strong enough to meet this world. We are praying that he would arrive sometime next week.

Yours in this work,
Jonalyn and Dale

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