Monday, March 29, 2010

Days and Nights with Finn and Soulation Retreat

We've had baby Finn home with us for 2 weeks now, after his 2 week hospital stay. We're realizing the one month anniversary can be more challenging than we thought.

Would you pray for us as we brainstorm ways to get a little more sleep. Jonalyn's body has been particularly worn down, something she realized this weekend with her 100 degree temperature. We ask that we'd have creativity and sensitivity about letting each other sleep and teaming up (especially in the wee hours of the night).

Dale is working hard to find a place to host our two Soulation retreats this summer. Would you pray for us to find a lodging that would fit all our guests and would be miraculously more affordable than the going rate at Steamboat? We have many details to get together and we need good prioritizing to make these happen in a timely manner... and with a new born around!

We need strength this week to persevere in caring for Finn and in our own Soulation responsibilities.

Grateful for you,
Jonalyn and Dale


Jennifer said...

I will definitely be praying for you. It would be nice if you could host the retreat in Steamboat. I was there once years ago and it is definitely the Colorado I always pictured.

Also praying for you to regain your energy.

Sk8 Church said...

I would love to come and take Finn for a nice long walk so you can get some sleep and I will bring you both dinner. Tuesday and Wednesday this week work for me. Before 3. Just call or email me. I would love to serve you guys in that way. Also there is a guy named Carl that has a pastors retreat in Yampa. Do you know him? I have his email and number if you want to contact him about using his Tara

于名于倫 said...

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