Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home with Finn

We're delighted to let you know that Finn is home.  His strength is growing. He's even off oxygen except at nights. Tomorrow we hope to have him oxygen free.

Jonalyn's strength continues to grow, as well. She even took Finn for a short walk down the driveway today wearing him in her new Moby wrap.

Tonight Dale is holding down the Ask LIVE! fort while Jonalyn continues to enjoy maternity leave.

Would you join us in thanking God for
  1. Finn's health (the pediatrician this week said he looked perfect!)
  2. Jonalyn's endurance (despite only snatches of sleep she's been able to nap regularly and even begin to feel more like herself!)
  3. Dale's sensitivity (I, Jonalyn, have felt so served by Dale's frequent trips to town for groceries, Dale's love and involvement with Finn-- read more on this at Dale's new blog on fatherhood)
Would you join us in praying for
  1. Jonalyn's carpal tunnel to fully heal (she's been very limited in typing, journaling, knitting--even changing diapers is difficult).
  2. A publisher for Jonalyn's next book on female friendships. So far we nearly have one offer. This is so encouraging!
  3. Dale's endurance as he handles much of the correspondence for Soulation while Jonalyn continues to recover. Each night he burns the midnight oil and writes for his new blog, as well. Would you pray that this work of crafting his writing would continue to be rewarding for him?
  4. Our book, Coffee Shop Conversations, will be releasing in 2 months. We still have work to do to promote it. Would you pray for our developmental volunteer, Mike, and the pertinent staff at Zondervan to be timely in their preparation and marketing? It's so easy to miss the narrow window of promotion.