Friday, April 16, 2010

Rentals, Finn and Surgery

We are excited to tell you that we found a wonderful spot for our Soulation Retreats. It's an ideal location and the rate is affordable for us. HOORAY!

In other news, Finn is adjusting beautifully to life outside the womb. We've found a schedule that has worked to give us about 7 hours of sleep (though mine is in chunks!) Would you pray for Finn to begin to sleep consistently from 10-2am? This would help us be more alert for business during the day.

Jonalyn could use some extra prayer this weekend. She has an infection which needs to fully clear by Monday or she will have to undergo surgery (D and C). Would you pray that God would naturally heal her body? She does not relish the idea of going under for this procedure. Please pray for her to lean on God for courage during this time.

Thank you so much,
The Finchers

We ask for God's healing.

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