Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleep, Surgery, Speaking

Your prayers have made a difference!
This week Finn has impressed us all by sleeping for up to 6 hours at a stretch at night. AMAZINGLY wonderful. Please continue to pray for Finn the amazing Sleeping Champion to continue to wow us, as we need as much sleep as we can get.

Jonalyn needs your prayers tonight and tomorrow morning. After multiple sonograms the doctors have determined that she needs a D and C. She goes in at 6am tomorrow for a 7:30am surgery.

Would you pray for her specifically that
  1. She will not lose much blood, a potential given a retained placenta. We have a speaking event (our first since Finn's birth) in Los Angeles in 2 weeks so she needs all her strength.
  2. The fast from food and drink from midnight until surgery will not be too arduous given her need to nurse.
  3. That Finn will be able to have a special time with Dad who will watch him during the surgery.

Finally, we are preparing for our first speaking event at BIola on May 3rd. Would you pray our work on this talk would be a joy and not a burden as we learn to prepare with Finn in our lives?


Jennifer said...

I realize you're in surgery prep as I write this, but you're in my prayers.

God bless.

Anonymous said...