Saturday, May 8, 2010

Biola Speaking with Finn

We're so thankful we made it.

Finn traveled beautifully, and received lots of compliments for his laid back travel style. We even got an empty seat next to us on the way out, so he got to really snooze between us.

Our crazy busy Monday was made more difficult because Finn had a horrible night's rest, which meant we did, too.

Though we got up 2 hours too early for the 1st radio interview it went so well that the DJ wants to interview us more regularly. Details on that will be forthcoming. We're so excited she felt we had more to share!

Our chapel talk while Jonalyn carried Finn in the baby carrier went beautifully, even though Jonalyn said her head felt a little muddy. Finn began to cry for food in the last 5 minutes so Jonalyn announced he was going to go see grandma and serenely handed him over. It was amazingly smooth and Grandma was a big help.

Our 2nd radio interview went well, though it felt very short.
In the evening Finn surprised us by sleeping for 3 hours (probably because he needed the rest so badly) during our entire Gender Justice talk.

As this was the talk we were originally invited out for (the chapel was tagged on just 1 week ago), we were thrilled when the room packed out, with people standing in the back. We stayed until 11pm signing books and chatting with the Biola students. To read how they liked it check out their campus newsletter's article, "Mind the Stereotypes". We felt blown away by their enthusiasm and excellent questions.

Thank you so much for praying. This week we're headed to Moab for a real vacation. As we learn to integrate Finn into our lives on the road, we ask for continued wisdom.

Would you pray that for us this week?

Dale and Jonalyn Fincher