Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Second Annual Soulation Retreat

Estes Park gave us a wonderful chance to see how God strengthened us despite some sleep-deprived nights.

We thank God for everything we asked for. The Q and A time was so fruitful, Finn slept well both ways and slept during two of our talks. Here's a fun picture of him and Jonalyn the last night. We felt very creative as we tried to juggle everything. The hardest thing was for Jonalyn to get enough sleep. She's learning to do less and relax more, even while on the road.

This week we're about to welcome nine friends for five days of retreating. We'll be sharing ideas, discussing things from spiritual abuse, body image and sacred space.

Would you pray for us this week:
  1. for each person (including us) to find ways to love and listen and learn from one another
  2. for each person to feel loved from the wonderful food Ellyn will be preparing, to the movies we watch, to the conversations they enjoy
  3. for us to have proper boundaries to get sleep and for Finn to get sleep. We ask God that Finn would continue his habit of sleeping 6-7 hours each night. We could really use that!
Would you be willing to take one of these and pray it for us this week?

Ready to retreat with others!
Dale and Jonalyn Fincher

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Estes Park Week with College Students

Since writing, Finn has turned 3 months old and now we have plans to go back on the road.

Using the insight we gained from our Biola experience, this time Jessica, Jonalyn's sister, will accompany us to help watch Finn, enabling us to speak and interact with college-age leaders at Estes Park.

We leave Tuesday and speak until Friday. Our topics include, The Gender Myths, Be Saavy: Bring Your Questions, and Misquoting Jesus: How to Read Your Bible.

We'd love prayer for
  1. Finn to be able to have some good sleep time as we drive the 4 hours to this event.
  2. God to give us grace and creativity with ourselves and each other as we learn how to speak for a longer event with Finn (babywearing, babysitting, etc)
  3. Realistic expectations to interact with the college students while also watching Finn
  4. Open-hearted vulnerability on the part of these college students (many of them attending Colorado State University, Boulder) so they can begin to share their questions during our Q and A time).
  5. For Jessica to have a wonderful time engaging with Finn.
Thank you for praying for us.
The Finchers